Unveiling the Impact of Motorcycle Riding on Hearing

As an experienced R&D engineer with decades of expertise, I found myself facing unexpected and concerning results during our recent motorcycle ride testing. Our objective was to accurately measure and record the sounds within a motorcycle helmet, with a focus on in-ear sound pressure levels (SPL). The outcome not only affected our team but also personally impacted me as the test rider. In this article, we reveal the crucial data we gathered and how it served as a wake-up call to address noise reduction for riders.

SPL measurement might seem straightforward, but it demands meticulous calibration of microphones and recording devices, ensuring traceability back to standardized pressure. In our case, the data analysis involved scrutinizing the SPLs recorded during numerous motorcycle rides. As the owner of the helmet and bike used in one of the tests, the results hit home for me, as I realized the intensity of sound I had been exposed to during my rides.

The graph displayed on our screen conveyed troubling news – the SPLs we measured were far more extreme than anticipated. This revelation had a profound impact, not only on our research but on our personal well-being. We recognized that our own hearing might have suffered damage due to prolonged exposure to high sound levels.

Equivalent Continuous and Peak SPL Plots
However, this data wasn’t merely a cause for alarm; it became the catalyst for designing a system to safeguard riders’ hearing.

As the data confirmed the urgency of addressing noise reduction for riders, we became even more determined to develop an innovative solution. With the insights gleaned from our research, we embarked on designing a revolutionary system that would mitigate the impact of excessive sound pressure levels on riders’ ears.

The motorcycle ride testing not only revealed the sobering reality of our own personal hearing damage but also fueled our commitment to rider safety. Armed with crucial data and a renewed purpose, we set out to revolutionize noise reduction for motorcyclists. At the core of our mission is the desire to ensure that every rider can enjoy their passion for motorcycling without compromising their hearing health.

Written By: Jim Millan

Hi my name is Jim Millan, CTO of Audyse. I am an Electrical Engineer with over 35 years of experience in a wide variety of areas of engineering Research and Development, from instrumentation design, to analog and digital hardware design, software development, and control systems development.

I’ve always been interested in audio, designing and building my own guitar effects pedals, speaker cabinets and amplifiers. As an amateur musician performing in bands, my hearing health has always been important to me. And as an avid motorcycle rider, Audyse’s mission is also mine – enjoy the sport, but preserve your hearing!

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