BUIlding a better riding future.

The Journey​

Audyse (AA•DUH•SEE) set out to solve the problem we experienced first hand – loud, uncomfortable noise on the highway and motorcycle communicators that really didn’t make the cut. To gain a better understanding of the science behind the issue, Audyse collected hours of data from noise inside helmets on various bikes.

A Better Ride. No Compromise.​

It is our mission to give riders complete control over the sound reaching their ears – by reducing the damaging noise, selectively introducing safety sounds and restoring the direction of potentially dangerous situations. 

It is our vision to protect riders hearing and enhance their situational awareness without needlessly interrupting their experience.

The Real Noise​

From the analysis of this noise, Audyse was able to characterize where the damaging noise for motorcyclist came from, and the results were shocking. 

The most harmful noise was below 500Hz, and on average, at highway speeds, riders are exposed to over 100dB of noise. 

Sound levels at urban and highway speeds

Loud Noise?
So What?

Exposure to noise over 100dB for any longer than 15 minutes a day can result in hearing damage. If you ride a naked bike, your exposure is closer to 110dB. 

As a result, any time you ride on the highway, you are risking your hearing.

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