The Technology Behind A Better Ride.

Active Noise Cancelling

Active noise cancelling uses special algorithms and hardware to filter out unwanted sound from the environment. This technology works by analyzing the sound waves around you and then producing an opposite sound wave that cancels out the unwanted wind noise.

By reducing wind noise and other unwanted sound, active noise cancelling provides allows you to keep your volume down, and helps to protect your hearing from damage caused by exposure to high levels of noise.

Artificial Intelligence

AI sound recognition listens to the external sounds while you ride, identifies them, and then passes through the important noise ensuring you have enhanced situational awareness. This allows you to stay alert and safe while enjoying your ride.

Spatial Reconstruction

Spatial audio reconstruction uses advanced algorithms to recreate the sense of directional sound, which is typically lost when wearing a helmet.

Spatial audio reconstruction creates a 3D sound field that simulates the perception of sound coming from various directions allowing you to pinpoint the direction of sound sources in your environment.

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