Reconstructing 3D Sound
on Two Wheels

Ride with comfort, listen to music and communicate with your friends, all while ensuring critical sounds pass through crystal-clear.


Introducing Audyse

Audyse (AA•DUH•SEE) is developing a noise filtering motorcycle headset that is specifically designed to reduce the low- and mid-range noises motorcyclists are exposed to, all while providing optimal situational awareness.

experience no noise

Protect your Hearing

Audyse’s headset can reduce noise from wind and wind buffeting, while monitoring your current conditions to give you preemptive alerts on your noise exposure level to ensure that your hearing is being protected at all times.

Situational Awareness

Using advanced AI algorithms, Audyse is able to listen for important noises such as sirens, horns and pedestrians, to provide you situational awareness when you need it most.

advanced AI technology
Audio Reconstruction

Audio Reconstruction

Reconstruct environmental queues to add back directional audio to allow you to pin-point the direction of spatial audio noise.

Listen for Yourself

Is this the noise you hear while riding? The below recordings were collected on a high-end adventure motorcycle inside a touring full-face helmet.


The timestamps below link to the audio clip for the corresponding speed and noise level.

35 MPH (60KPH) – 80dB(A)

50 MPH (80KPH) – 105dB(A)

62 MPH (100KPH) – 110dB(A)

75 MPH (120KPH) – 118dB(A)

75 MPH (120KPH) – With Audyse Noise Filtering

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How Does It Work?

Active Noise Cancelling Demonstration

What is Active Noise Cancelling?

Active noise cancelling eliminates unwanted ambient noise around you by producing anti-noise, resulting in the reduction of undesirable and damaging noises.

Why Should I Care?

Prolonged exposure to the external wind noise can overwork the small hairs inside your ear canal, resulting in the cells around these hairs dying, leaving you with hearing loss.

Generally, engine noise and loud exhausts are thought to be the primary cause of hearing loss among motorcyclists, however a much larger group of people will experience some amount of hearing loss due to the extended exposure to wind noise.

In addition to the possibility of hearing loss, long exposures to constant low frequencies can cause headaches, tiredness, irritation and loss of concentration. All things we aim to avoid while riding motorcycles.

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Noise with and without ANC

Simplistic Operation

Featuring audio prompts to alert you of system status, and voice/gesture control, using Audyse is easy as counting 1, 2, 3.
listen to high quality audio

High Quality Audio

Experience high quality audio with incredible clarity thanks to Bluetooth 5.2, giving you a full throttle listening experience.

Control at a Touch

Adjust volume, switch tracks, and control the suite of features by just swiping and tapping the side of your helmet.

control with just a touch
completely user customizable

Complete Control

Completely customize your audio settings to match your music and taste.

Get Charged Up

Outlast even the longest rides with a battery life of over 24 hours.

get up to 24 hours of battery life