Founders Club

By signing up to pre-order our device, you will be registering your interest in our motorcycle noise cancelling headset. Signing up is not a commitment to buying and you will have the opportunity to leave the pre-order list whenever you like.


By joining the Founders Club you will get exclusive updates on our successes and challenges and will have the opportunity to share your thoughts on the development of our device. You will also have the option to vote on which features you prioritize to influence which we add next.

The first 100 people to pre-order our product will receive one upgrade to any generation of the device (per device ordered). We will let the first 100 people who pre-order the device know when products are shipped in the Spring of 2024.

All people who pre-order will be grandfathered in, and will receive a discount on our products in the future! This is our way of saying thank you for supporting us from the very beginning.

Important Information

Joining the Founders Club or waitlist is not an obligation to buy, at any time, contact us and we will remove your information from our system. All data is held in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The shipping of the first production units will take place in the Spring of 2024, and orders will be shipped in order of purchase.

When products are ready to ship, you will receive an email indicating you have to return to the checkout and finalize your payment method. We reserve the right to cancel any pre-orders that do not complete this process within 72 hours of receiving the “payment” required email.

We reserve the right to make changes to the purchase cost of the device. Changes can be made up until you are prompted to return to complete the purchase. Should a price change occur, you will be notified and if you wish to be removed from the pre-order, you can contact to be removed.