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Introducing... The AudyseCORE, the worlds first Active noise filtering add-on for your existing comm unit!

AudyseCORE – Active Noise Filtering for Riders

US$ 150.00

AudyseCORE seamlessly integrates active noise filtering with your existing motorcycle communication unit. Simply connect using our line-in jack to elevate your riding experience!

With an industry-leading 35dB of aero-acoustic noise cancellation, combined with a high-fidelity DSP and amplifier, AudyseCORE sets a new benchmark for motorcycle audio.

  • Active noise cancelling technology reduces wind noise by 35dB for a safer, quieter ride
  • Equipped with 45mm drivers for high-quality sound across full audio range with impressive bass and highs
  • High Fidelity DSP and Amplifier, allowing for custom EQ settings and audio profiles
  • Thin Speakers (11.3mm)
  • Easily connect to your Bluetooth Communicator
  • Simple, Glove-Friendly Control
  • 12+ Hour Battery
  • Convenient USB-C charging
  • Compatible with helmets featuring speaker-ready openings
  • No Permanent Installation (switch helmets easily)

Install in less than 5 minutes.

The AudyseCORE comes with high-quality 3M Velcro and foam spacers to ensure a perfect fit in your helmet. Position it inside the helmet with the speakers aligned with your ears for the best noise cancelling and audio quality.

The universal 3.5mm plug enables connection to most helmet communication systems.


  • PACKTALK Bold (and JBL)
  • PACKTALK Slim (and JBL)
  • FREECOM 1/1+
  • FREECOM 2/2+
  • FREECOM 4/4+
  • Q-SOLO


The AudyseCORE works with any generic product that features a 3.5mm output jack

  • AudyseCORE Headset
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Mounting Accessories
  • On-Ear Speaker Cushions
  • Behind Speaker Spacers – to provide proper fit
  • Audyse Stickers

Please note, this is subject to change without notice.

Purchasing the AudyseCORE enables you to join our Founders Club.

Thank you for joining the journey with us as we crowdsource support to finish development of the CORE product. We look forward to your feedback as we ride together!

Please note that under no circumstances will there be any refunds or returns with respect to this product launch. Reservations serve as contributions to crowdfund our development efforts, and are considered investments with the expectation of receiving an early version of the product.

While we are unable to offer refunds or returns, we are committed to working closely with every supporter to ensure that the product meets expectations and functions as intended. Your satisfaction and experience with the AudyseCORE are of utmost importance to us.

Our current timeline for shipping the AudyseCORE units is the Summer of 2024. Any updates to this schedule will be communicated via email. Packages will be sent from St. John’s and handled by Canada Post. A shipping confirmation email with tracking details will be sent within 24 hours of your item being shipped.

NOTE: For international orders, although unlikely, customs and duties may apply upon delivery, in which Audyse will not be held liable.

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