Audyse uses a proprietary noise cancelling algorithm to filter out unwanted sound, that is specifically damaging for motorcyclists. This noise has been classified from hundreds of hours of data, and the algorithm has been designed to specifically target the noise from wind, and wind buffeting.

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Noise cancelling works by analyzing the sound around you and then producing a sound wave that is the exact opposite of the unwanted noise. This cancels out the noise and reduces the overall sound level.

No, noise cancelling cannot completely eliminate all noise. However, it can significantly reduce the overall sound level bringing it down to a safer level, additionally it can allow you to better hear your communicator or music without having to turn up the volume.

Using Audyse’s proprietary algorithm, external noise such as sirens, horns and pedestrians is passed through to your helmet to ensure you don’t miss any safety critical sounds. Additionally, Audyse reconstructs the noise around you, allowing you to pin-point the direction of important sounds. 

For more info, checkout our technology page!

Audyse has designed its headset to be universal, allowing it to fit inside any helmet that features speaker pockets.

Audyse is currently developing both a stand-alone and add-on unit, allowing you to pick what is best for you. Add-on units will be plug-and-play replacements for the existing speakers from your communicator. 

We understand that things happen, and we appreciate you supporting us as a member of our Founders Club. 

So, our guarantee to you is, that prior to shipping and being charged, you will be asked to confirm your order. Should you fail to confirm or decline your reservation, you will not be charged.

Our current timeline for shipping Founders Club units is in the Summer of 2024. Any changes to this timeline will be shared with Founders Club members through email.

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