Preserving Riders’ Ears from Hidden Noise Damage

Motorcycle enthusiasts often encounter unexpected challenges, like the deafening wind noise on highways. Many riders, including myself, have experienced ringing ears after long rides, unaware that this noise can actually cause damage. Audyse emerged from this realization, aiming to address the hidden risks posed by these seemingly harmless sounds.

The noises we encounter while riding motorcycles typically fall in the lower auditory range, below 500Hz. Unfortunately, our auditory spectrum doesn’t perceive these noises as loud as higher-range sounds, leading to a false sense of quietness.

Equal Loudness Graph

On the highway, riders are exposed to noises ranging from 100 to 120 decibels. Due to the frequency of this noise, it may only sound like 60 to 80 decibels in a higher range. In essence, the seemingly quiet noise can cause hearing loss in the upper range of our hearing.

The next time you ride a motorcycle or any motorized device, remember that the wind buffeting noise and constant background noise can increase the risk of hearing damage. Even playing music to drown out the noise, a common practice among riders, can add to the potential harm.

Audyse is here to safeguard your hearing from hidden highway noise damage. Stay tuned for our innovative solution that will reduces your heard noise and preserves the joy of riding without compromising your hearing health. Together, we can enjoy the thrill of riding while ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.

Written By: Robin Murphy

Hi my name is Robin Murphy, Founder of Audyse. I am an Computer Engineer with engineering experience in hardware and software design.

I’ve always been interested in motorsports, and have been riding dirt bikes and motorcycles since I was a child. But when I started riding on the street and started seeing the effects of hearing loss, I knew I had to try to do something, and the idea of Audyse was born, to protect our hearing while we do what we enjoy.

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