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Part 3 – Active Noise Cancellation For Your Helmet

From previous blog entries, we covered how motorcycle helmet noise is generated, why your helmet alone is not enough, and how active and passive noise cancellation affects different regions of the frequency spectrum.

In the figure below, we have plotted the Noise Reduction Ratio (NRR) of our Audyse Technology ANC headset (in orange) and for comparison, we have included the noise reduction performance of a standard industrial earmuff (passive).

As you can see, the passive system is more effective at higher frequency levels, but is less effective than the ANC system at low frequencies.

Most importantly, an earmuff-style device is very bulky and difficult to fit inside your helmet, and even if it did, ANC beats it every time because our system is tuned to actively stop the noise in the band of frequencies where motorcycle helmet noise is at it’s strongest.

Because we have tuned our ANC to target the frequencies that create the bulk of the noise that your ears are exposed to, and actively interfere with it, we can outperform any passive device and drop it by at least 30dB. Active noise control actually reduces the harmful pressure that your ears are exposed to, thereby protecting your hearing health. This amount of reduction would be equivalent to reducing for example, the sound of a chainsaw at 1 meter (110 dB SPL) to that of a busy restaurant (80 dB SPL). Active noise control reduces the harmful pressure your ears are exposed to, thereby supporting your hearing health.

We are pleased to offer you, beginning the summer of 2024, the AudyseCORE. The AudyseCORE system works with your existing headset communicator and is designed to replace the speakers in your headset comm unit with our ANC-enabled headset. By fitting the CORE into the speaker pockets of your helmet and plugging the line-level output (either from a dedicated plug or via your existing speaker plug) of your communicator into our ANC system, you can stream audio, giving you all the features of your communicator. All while drastically improving your audio experience and at least 30dB less road noise! 

If you don’t have a communicator yet, you can still take advantage of the noise reduction without having any audio source.

Written By: Jim Millan

Hi my name is Jim Millan, CTO of Audyse. I am an Electrical Engineer with over 35 years of experience in a wide variety of areas of engineering Research and Development, from instrumentation design, to analog and digital hardware design, software development, and control systems development.

I’ve always been interested in audio, designing and building my own guitar effects pedals, speaker cabinets and amplifiers. As an amateur musician performing in bands, my hearing health has always been important to me. And as an avid motorcycle rider, Audyse’s mission is also mine – enjoy the sport, but preserve your hearing!

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