Motorcycle Audio Demo

Listen for Yourself

Imagine this, you merge onto the highway on a warm sunny day, your favorite song playing in your earpiece and enjoy the rapid acceleration to 110km/h. The noise in your helmet becomes deafening from the wind, now louder than your engine. Suddenly an ambulance passes you, sirens blaring. But you were unable to hear it over the music and the noise. Your ears start ringing, an indicator of permanent damage.  – you’ve been on the highway for all of two minutes.


The timestamps below link to the audio clip for the corresponding speed and noise level.

[skipto time=0:02]35 MPH (60KPH) – 80dB(A)[/skipto]

[skipto time=0:10]50 MPH (80KPH) – 105dB(A)[/skipto]

[skipto time=0:24]62 MPH (100KPH) – 110dB(A)[/skipto]

[skipto time=0:32]75 MPH (120KPH) – 118dB(A)[/skipto]

[skipto time=0:42]75 MPH (120KPH) – With Audyse Noise Filtering[/skipto]